5th NW London All-Day Singing – sound files for download

The 5th London All-Day Singing last Saturday – an “EU Young People’s Singing”, chaired by Duane Nasis – was a smashing success. There were 60-70 people there, including a few members of the public there who had read about Sacred Harp in the Times and quite a few others who had heard of it through friends but never attended before.

The many visitors from Ireland, Poland, Germany and Lithuania certainly swelled the numbers and made for a glorious sound. Unfortunately, there was file corruption on the morning recording but I did get a good hour of the afternoon on the zoom, and am pleased to share a few of the sound files here.

As rising star of English folk Sam Carter put it, the singing on Saturday was “glorious”. That seems about right to me.

Have a listen…

and last but not least, strikingly beautiful alto on this one…






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2 Responses to 5th NW London All-Day Singing – sound files for download

  1. Patrick says:

    I heard you guys on BBC 6 Music, it is amazing. Is it possible to just come along to listen? I would love that. Thanks. Patrick.

  2. Duane says:

    Hi Patrick!
    Thanks for the kind words, sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you! We have another singing in Neasden (NW London) next Tues 11th Dec (see ‘Locations’ in the tabs above) which you’re very welcome to sit in on! There’s also our last singing of the year on Mon 17th in Bloomsbury. And if you haven’t heard the BBC Radio 4 documentary which aired on Monday, have a listen:


    Hopefully see you next week!


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